Sunday, October 29, 2017

Don't even feel like finishing the story, so without enthusiasm or flare, here is the ending ........ I had one of our IT guys call the nana's pharmacy about her meds.  He did well considering he hadn't stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  Next I found a volunteer (a shelter patient) to agree to drive to the pharmacy.  I returned to the mob.  About 4 hours later the volunteer appeared with CVS pill bottles full of the imperative meds.  It was the first time I cried (certainly not the last).  Here was an unpaid person who was evacuating herself.  She had seen to her family, her house, her husband and pets, and also went to retrieve a strangers meds.  This is the good stuff!!!

I thanked her profusely and set out to find the nana who was missing the meds.  At this point I had probably processed 100 more people.  I couldn't even conjure up a image clue.  So I marched up and down the isles of the shelter calling out her name.  When I found her she was curled up all cozy and resting.  Her face became familiar again.  She smiled.  With relief I informed her that I had her meds; she needn't worry any more.  She asked if I had the "pink one".  Um, err, wait......Four bottles and no pink ones!!!!  "It's okay, there are probably some in that little side pocket in my suitcase", she said.  Low and behold, all of her damn meds were right there in the damn suitcase.  That's right, she had them the whole time.  Nana's forget, don'tcha know!!

P.S.  Check their bags before going to all that trouble.

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